Local Company Boosts Contender to World Champion

Last weekend Knockout Nutrition stepped up to the world stage of boxing when Baltimore fighter Gervonta Davis became the youngest current/reigning champion in boxing.


Knockout Nutrition had a huge statement to make and that statement is clear, they are a premier nutrition and performance company that is able to deliver results at the highest stakes.


If you did not know Gervonta “Tank” Davis before this past Saturday, chances are you know him now. Saturday night at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn, New York, Davis became boxing’s youngest reigning world champion by knocking out Jose Padraza in the 7th round of their Showtime bout.  After dominating much of the fight Davis threw a right hook that sent his opponent through the ropes in front of the sold out crowd.


To give you some more insight about 22 year old Davis, he was signed to none other than Floyd Mayweathers promotional company “Mayweather Promotions” after his 11th promotional fight (he is now 17-0 with 16 knockouts). Many experts have dubbed Davis the next huge star in boxing and the future of the sport.


Davis has trained all over the country in some of the best boxing camps. However, in preparation for the biggest opportunity of his life, he turned home to his longtime Baltimore Coach, Calvin Ford and Baltimore’s Knockout Fitness/Nutrition. Although a fairly young organization, Knockout Nutrition has quickly become the standard for nutrition and performance in the Baltimore area. They work with several professional athletes and are highly sought after by the areas top professional boxers and mixed martial arts fighters.


Knockout Fitness is a training facility, which provides fitness classes and high performance strength and conditioning. Knockout Nutrition oversees client’s diets and prepares the actual meals.


With the stakes high, Gervonta Davis’ coach reached out to Knockout Nutrition to help put together the 8-week fight camp. The camp would include intense training 3 times a day. That training consisted of running, strength training, and boxing. This type of regimen would break the average athlete. However, Tank breezed through the training as if it was nothing, after all, he’s been doing this since he was just 8 years old.  Sure the training was intense but it was the diet that would propose the real battle for Davis.


Davis has never had to go on a strict diet. He’s one of those guys that can eat McDonalds all day and still tote 6-pack abs. But because of the lack of nutrition he has failed to make the weight of 130 pounds for his last several bouts. However, when fighting for the world title, there is NO leeway. If a fighter doesn’t make the contracted weight (in this case, 130lbs), they are not eligible to fight for the title and can forfeit a large sum of their purse (and at this level we are talking millions of dollars).


With the title fight on the line as well as young Tank’s future, Team Davis turned to Knockout Nutrition to set up, monitor and adjust Davis’ diet.  “There’s so much more to eating healthy than just losing weight” says Knockout owner Chris Nissley. “We also have to make sure he’s getting the proper protein, vitamins, carbs etc.  Not only do we have to make sure he hits weight, but we have to make sure he loses the weight in healthy manor but also has the necessary energy to train 4-6 hours a day and compete at the highest level.”


Davis came to camp at 154lbs and had to weigh in the day before his fight at 130lbs. This may seem like a lot weight, but for a fighter it is not uncommon to drop 20-35 pounds for a fight. In fact, some fighters shed 20 pounds the last 3-5 days before the fight by dehydrating and using water manipulation techniques. However, this was not the goal for Davis says Jason Nissley (brother of Chris and partner at Knockout Nutrition). “We wanted to use a subtle calorie deficit to slowly knock off a couple pounds a week. As the weight started to fall off we could actually feed him more food, which in return provided more energy for Davis to train.”


“The real fight was on the scale, we were all well aware of Gervonta’s fighting ability and no one doubted his performance come January 14. It was the weight that had those closest to him concerned. Could he be disciplined enough to stick to the diet after never previously done it before.” stated Chris.


Just like everything else in his life Gervonta Davis successfully overcame his weight cutting demons. By fight week, he was fluctuating between 134-138lbs.  At the actual weigh-in Davis stepped on the scale at 129lbs. The stage was set, and if you tuned in to Showtime Saturday, well then you saw what all the fuss and hype was about.


Knockout Nutrition handled every aspect of his diet. They formulated a specific plan, they cooked and prepared the meals, and they made adjustments based on his weight and performance. Its this high level of nutrition and performance which gives athletes the edge. It’s the type of training and science applied which separates the contenders from the champions.


Gervonta Davis is now immortalized in Baltimore and will join the likes of stars like Michael Phelps, Ray Lewis, Cal Ripken, and other Baltimore legends that make us proud to be from Baltimore. Knockout Nutrition says their phone is ringing off the hook. Athletes are jumping in line to get the chance to elevate their potential.


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